The White Lady

Bert Dirrix

diederendirrix architecten

Project name :De Witte Dame (The White Lady)
Year :1994-1998
Address :Emmasingel
Place :Eindhoven
Architect :diederendirrix
Design team :Bert Dirrix, Pascal Grosfeld, Bart van der Velde, Timo Keulen,
Tom Frantzen, Karel van Eijken
Owner :Foundation De Witte Dame
Principal :Van Straten Real Estate inc., IBC Real Estate inc.
Building cost : 36.400.000,-
Gross floor space :37.000 m2

IL 1 The White Lady

Brief description

Design for the rehabilitation of a Philips factory building in a synergetic model of the Design Academy (interior design included), Philips Design, city library, visual arts, commercial functions and central fragment (interior design included).

Il2 Design Academy in White Lady

Extended description

The transformation of The White Lady, a rehabiltation of a Philips factory building has been conceived in a synergetic formula of both exchange and binding between design, art, information, knowledge and technology. In this unique building that represents the modern history of the city, a multitude of institutions, visual arts and (commercial) functions are a requirement for a vital and meaningful re-development.

The design proposal starts with the assumption that the characteristic state of the building justifies an understanding of a sober, inventive and efficient approach. The design for the renovation shows pure and empty floors, the level of finishing is sober and extremely elementary. The building as an empty body is essentially typefying and defines a starting point that allows the furthur refining of specific terms for installation, finishing and spatial organisation to be developed specifically for every individual user.

The most distinctive intervention is the central-fragment, the passage as a momentum of a new urban axis that connects the inner-city via the Lichtplein (Light square) with the Philips footballstadium. Behind the existing facade a complex spaciousness is unveiled, a layering of public floor levels. Every layer has acces to one or more programmatic fields that are not arranged adjacently, but instead, based upon the synergetic formula as horizontally stacked layers. The partly open and public character of this fragment functions as a transit-area. A collective structure in which many different people will meet. In this way all functions and institutions will be intertwined. The clear, straightforward outside conceals a heterogenic and layered inside. The White Lady as an industrial relic will in the future still silently veil a inner complexity of possibilities.

Il 3 The passage connects the inner-city via the Lichtplein (Light square)
(Light square) with the Philips footballstadium