Bia造stok, 19 January 2007

Ladies and gentleman!

With great honour I welcome all the participants and quests of the polish-dutch seminary about the "Experience in revitalization of postindustrial areas and buildings".

The discussion about taking profits of the former industrial areas goes in two directions. Do we have to close down all the remaining buildings or make all the possible attempts to save them and use in a substantial public purposes? Such an areas do exist in Bialystok, for example W璕l闚ka, former factories at Augustowska, wi皻oja雟ka and Cz瘰tochowska streets. I think that everything has to be done to revitalize all the existing postindustrial buildings due to fact that mostly they present interesting architectonic executions. Bialystok goes in this direction. Where the proper economic and technical conditions exist we are saving old monumental buildings. They present significant part of the industrial heritage of the given area and that is why we can learn a lot about it's history.

Ladies and gentleman!

I wish you all that your knowledge and experience will be used in a practical way during making efforts of postindustrial areas and buildings revitalization. Let this time spent in our city be fruitful and successful. I feel certain that the exchange of the experiences between our cities - Bialystok and Eindhoven - will provide areas and buildings revitalization.

Thank you.

Tadeusz Truskolaski, Ph.D.
Mayor of Bia造stok