...working with the memory of a place...

Jos Verheijden, architectural designer.

KOVOS architecten


The "Cicogne" project in Eindhoven -transformation of the school building complex into a housing estate Technical school from 1906 - the first building in this area- the Bergen quarter

Our mission was:

-working inside the city

-acting on all scales and with all disciplines

-discovery of the collective memory

-interaction between historical and new structures

-mixing restoration, renovation and new building

-respecting the couleur locale

-recognized by the users

Main conditions were:

-demolish as less as possible

-a large variety in housing

-accepted by the neighbourhood


By collecting as much as you can, about the collective memory of a place, you get tools, as a architect, to answer the architectural questions they asked you. In short, the solutions we find, have this collective memory as a basis. Therefore you make yourself as a architect part of the development of this - specific - collective memory of a place.

Il. 1 Location of "Cicogne" project in Eindhoven

Il. 2 Technical school from 1906

Il. 3 "Cicogne" project

Il. 4 Historical and new structures

Il. 5 Technical school and new building

Il. 6 Inside court